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HipHop & R&B Yoga Sculpt - March 9th: 9:30AM

HipHop & R&B Yoga Sculpt - March 9th: 9:30AM

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Kindly be aware that entry is not permitted after 9:35AM under any circumstances. Unfortunately, no refunds will be issued for late arrivals. Please aim to arrive early, taking into account potential traffic and parking time. Thank you for your understanding!

Discover the perfect harmony of breath, movement, and stretching in our HipHop & R&B Vinyasa class every Saturday from 9:30AM - 10:30AM in Inglewood, CA! 


Q: Are children allowed?

A: Unfortunately, we request that this class be attended by adults 18+ only. We aim to create an environment conducive to focused and mindful practice, which may be challenging with the presence of children. We appreciate your understanding and cooperation in maintaining the serene atmosphere of our yoga sessions.

Q: What time should I arrive?

A: To ensure a seamless check-in process and allow for a peaceful start to your yoga journey, we recommend arriving at least 10 minutes before the scheduled class start time. Please be advised that no entry will be permitted after 9:35AM. This policy is in place to minimize disruptions and to create a harmonious environment for everyone in the class. Your prompt arrival is greatly appreciated.

Q: Is this class suitable for beginners?

A: Absolutely! Whether you're a seasoned yogi or new to the practice, all levels are welcome to join us

Q: What should I bring to the class?

A: Bring a yoga mat, towel, and water. Most importantly, bring your positive energy—we've got everything else covered

Q: Is there parking available?

A: Yes, street parking is available.

Q: Do I need to be flexible to participate?

A: No prerequisites here! Flexibility is a result of consistent practice, and we welcome individuals of all flexibility levels

Q: Is this class inclusive for all body types?

A: Yes, our class is designed to embrace and celebrate diversity. All body types are not only welcomed but celebrated

Q: What if I can't keep up with the pace?

A: No worries. The class is structured for various levels, and modifications are offered. It's about enjoying the journey at your own pace

Q: Is there a specific dress code?

A: We recommend wearing comfortable workout attire that allows you to move freely, such as leggings, athletic shorts, or moisture-wicking tops. Please avoid jeans or restrictive clothing to ensure a more comfortable yoga experience. Express yourself and feel good while doing it!

Q: How long is the class?

A: The class typically runs for 60 minutes, providing a well-rounded session to revitalize your mind and body.

Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
Love the class!

Definitely feel empowered! Great instructor!
Can’t wait for next class!
Keep going queen!

Great atmosphere

My first time attending and it was great! I will definently be back again!

Cydney McCalebb

A great class! Definitely will be back

Rebecca Weisflog
Best yoga class I’ve had.

Finally a yoga class where I feel comfortable. I’ve tried multiple other classes but never really felt at ease. Ramoni makes us feel like we belong here, like this is our space. Not only my body needed this, but definitely my mind. PLUS the playlist was amazing! Can’t wait to go back next week.

L Chevis
Challenging & Rejuvenating Yoga 🧘‍♀️ 🧘‍♂️

I really enjoyed Ro’s class the couple of Saturdays I was able to attend. I live out of town & I’m SO sad to not be able to come consistently (but I will come whenever I am in the city!). The Yoga flows are challenging enough for experienced yogis and still appropriate for beginners although more challenging for beginners. The music is nice and the temperature is mildly warm which is nice for your session. I would definitely recommend Glow with Ro to anyone I come across who is looking for an amazing yoga class and amazing instructor!

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